Proud to improve ourselves, to improve the environment

These are our results!

Our “Changes for the Better” motto drives us to constantly search for cutting-edge design and production solutions for our air-conditioning systems destined for trains and underground trains.

Thanks to the experience we have developed in this industry, we have achieved important results in terms of performance and energy saving, with the aim of improving the quality of rail and tram travel while respecting the environment that surrounds us.

There are always plenty of opportunities to improve ourselves further, but for now we believe that we’re right in saying “Mission accomplished”!

Our air-conditioners are increasingly powerful and efficient.

We have managed to improve the COP of our products, i.e. the relationship between the cooling power of the fridge (cooling kW) and suction capacity (suction kW).

“Underground train” example:

33,8 kW cooling; 15,77 kW suction; 2,143 COP; 0,051 kW/kg;

“Single-deck train” example:

33,3 kW cooling; 25 kW suction; 1,33 COP; 0,046 kW/kg;

What’s more, we have also tirelessly worked to reduce the weight of our air-conditioning units.

Our products are more lightweight and have less of an impact on the environment, proactively contributing to reducing waste and atmospheric pollution.

“Underground train” example:

664,5 kg; 1,76 mᶾ; 19,19 kW/mᶾ;

“Single-deck train” example:

720 kg; 2,68 mᶾ; 12,44 kW/mᶾ;

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