Mission and values

This is MEKT’s mission: to improve the quality of rail transport and, at the same time, to create a more sustainable company.

MEKT is committed to improving the development, production and delivery of products and to implementing innovative solutions which are in line with the values of a company that pays the utmost attention to respecting and protecting the environment.

This mission includes also product characteristics in terms of efficiency and performance, as well as saving energy and resources for production and logistics, providing the impetus for a number of initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption and the amount of waste produced at our sites.

In this regard, all MEKT employees play an active role, promoting positive change.

“Changes for the Better” is Mitsubishi Electric Klimat Transportation Systems’ motto.

“Eco Changes” represents MEKT’s commitment to working for and with its customers in order to improve our company, thanks to the use of cutting-edge environmental technology and an incredible productive force, becoming a leading green company on a global scale.

“Together, we’re working towards creating a greener future”