Railway sector’s air conditioners

MEKT designs and produces air-conditioning systems for the rail and tramway industry.

The company produces air-conditioners of every high standard, in terms of both their quality and the level of technology used. It boasts a wide range of systems, all custom designed and produced depending on the specific type of vehicle – regional trains, EMUs and DMUs, double-deck trains, locomotives for high-speed trains, suburban trains, underground trains and trams – the various services provided and the different types of installation. Air conditioning systems contain fluorinated greenhouse gases R407c (GWP=1774) and R134a (GWP=1430).

Its “Changes for the Better” motto has driven the company to constantly search for cutting-edge design and production solutions for its air-conditioning systems destined for trains, metro and trams. Over the years, MEKT’s products have successfully achieved important results in terms of performance and energy saving, with the aim of improving the quality of rail travel.
Today MEKT’s air-conditioners are even more powerful and high-performance.. The company has managed to improve the COP of its products, i.e. the relationship between the cooling power of the fridge (cooling kW) and suction capacity (suction kW). What’s more, MEKT’s air-conditioners are more lightweigh, and have less of an impact on the environment, at the same time as proactively contributing to reducing atmospheric pollution.



From 23kW to 32kW cooling capacity. HVAC is a packaged air conditioning unit typically mounted on the roof of the train cars. The cooling circuits are hermetic, meaning they are brazed in order to minimize the number of screws and flanges, enabling to reduce the risk of refrigerant gas leakage. Capillary tubes are used as refrigerant gas expansion device in order to reduce mechanical components for higher reliability and longer product life. Horizontal screw compressors designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric is used for optimal passenger comfort.  Mitsubishi Electric compressors are specially designed for the railway application to sustain higher reliability even in the harsh operating conditions and environments of the railway application.  Horizontal compressor contributes for the space saving and scroll mechanism with capacity control technology allows precise cooling performance.


The HVAC units is a monobloc type installed on the train roof, containing all the components necessary for air treatment. The electrical panel is inside the monobloc and includes all the electromechanical and electronic components necessary for controlling the unit, regulating the internal temperature and diagnostics.


HVAC unit incorporating Mitsubishi Electric horizontal scroll compressor with powerful cooling performance are used to achieve comfortable climate for double-deck high-capacity trains. HVAC unit has two indipendent direct expansion refrigerant cycles and electric heaters for precise temperature control plus redundancy for just in case. Monoblock design includes electrical panel and temperature control circuitry unit within the small footprint. Hermetic cooling circuitry realized by brazing in order to reduce the number of screws and flanges will contribute to minimize the risk of refrigerant gas leakage.


Monobloc HVAC Unit with installation on the roof or under-coach, single or dual circuit. The heating section is installed inside, consisting of electric batteries, electrical panel and TCU for control and regulation. The HVAC unit may includes the CO2 regulation and free-cooling to optimise the ventilation heat load, and the heat pump function also reduces the energy consumption significantly in comparison with conventional solution of electric heaters. Mitsubishi Electric compressor utilizing for this HVAC unit is Scroll Hermetic. It is heavy duty, fully hermetic without oil sight glass, horizontal scroll compressors specially designed for the railway application to achieve the high reliability in harsh operating conditions and environments of railway application.


MEKT supplies a complete air duct systems made of composite material, aluminum or fabric. The system is supplied with complete installation accessories and air flow rate regulation components.
MEKT offers its customers a fast and efficient after sales service.
Thanks to a widespread network of support centres, a team of expert and qualified personnel and extensive experience in this industry, the company is able to offer a rapid and efficient after sales service throughout Italy.

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