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D.Lgs 231/2001 Model

Pursuant to the Italian regulations on the “administrative liability of legal entities deriving from offences” contained in Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, legal entities  may be held liable for the crimes committed in the interest or to the advantage of the companies themselves:

For this purpose Mitsubishi Electric Klimat Transportation Systems S.p.A. has adopted organizational, management and control Model designed to prevent these crimes as well as a Code of Ethics and has appointed a Supervisory Body, with autonomous powers and duties in order to monitor compliance with the provisions of the Model.

Any reports to the Supervisory Body can be provided using the appropriate e-mail addresses :

or by mail at:

Organismo di Vigilanza di MEKT

Corso Stati Uniti 1/1,

35127 Padova

Download the pdf files:

(PDF. open new window)D.Lgs 231/2001 Model

(PDF. open new window)Code of Ethics Mitsubishi Eletric Klimat Transportation Systems S.p.A.

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