Together towards a greener future: MEKT’s latest initiatives

Environmental awareness and protection and sustainable development are topics that form an integral part of our philosophy and company mission. We have always looked towards a future in which our environment is respected and protected, undertaking to convey these values to our co-workers and customers on a daily basis. Raising awareness and providing information, reorganising our entire production system and using technological innovations are all important ways of reducing our environmental impact. In this regard, we are continuing to carry out our mission by making a number of changes inside our production facilities and beyond.

We have recently launched three such initiatives:

  • In order to reduce the consumption of plastic inside our factories, we have provided each employee with a customised water bottle featuring our brand;
  • To reduce CO2 emissions, we have implemented an in-house air-conditioning system that runs exclusively on renewable energy;
  • Lastly, to reduce transport-related pollution, we have identified a number of solutions for each employee, based on their individual needs, in order to optimise their commute to work, including bike sharing, car sharing and the use of public transport.

All of our co-workers agree with and are in favour of these decisions, as they represent small steps to be taken each day towards a world that cares more about the environment where we live and work. For the health and well-being of everyone.

Changes for the Better!

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