MEKT fights against climate changes

During last January, Mitsubishi Electric Klimat Transportation Systems SpA took an important step towards environmental sustainability: it finally completed the installation of the photovoltaic panel system.

The Company installed a total of 124 modules of 405 Wp each, for a total peak of 50.22 KWp, with 2 inverters and more than 60 optimizers.

The benefits in environmental terms are not few. In just two weeks after installation, this system has allowed MEKT to avoid the emission of 683.29 kg of CO2, which is equivalent to the planting of more than 20 trees.

MEKT’s goal is to cover the company’s entire needs with photovoltaic energy by mid-2023, reducing the CO2 emission.

This choice has a dual function: to allow the company to become more sustainable under an environmental point of view and at the same time to reduce energy costs in the long term.

This step represents an important contribution to take action in the fight against climate changes.

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