Mitsubishi Electric Klimat Transportation System Spa
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Our history
  • 1921: Founding of Mitsubishi Electric
  • 1928: First large-scale electric locomotive produced in Japan
  • 1958: Development of HVAC unit optimised to rail car application
  • 1959: First delivery to overseas customer (electric locomotive for India)
  • 1965: First delivery to European customer (electric locomotive for Spain)
  • 1968: Release of consumer-use room air conditioner Kirigamine
  • 1978: First HVAC delivery to overseas customer (for Mexico)
  • 2003: First HVAC delivery to European customer (for Greece)


  • 1924: Founding of Elettromeccanica Fer S.r.l., in Ferrrara
  • 1963: In Milan it's been constitued Klimat S.p.A. which begins its production of civil and industrial conditioning equipment
  • 1967: Fer adapted its technologies to special railway applications and later in the military and airports too
  • 1994: Klimat has started its presence in the railway field, with heating systems and in the immediately following years with air conditioning systems
  • 2005: Klimat and Fer merge to coinstitute to Klimat-Fer SpA


  • 2014: Mitsubishi Electric and Klimat-Fer merge their forces. Mitsubishi Electric Klimat Transportation Systems is born.

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